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Trading 707: Mastering Algorithmic Trading

Welcome to Trading 707, the forefront of trading innovation, conceived by a seasoned data scientist with deep expertise in financial algorithms. Our mission is to demystify algorithmic trading complexities, offering expansive and insightful courses on Udemy, Skillshare, and LinkedIn Learning. We boast over 1.6 million views on our Udemy articles, over 100K YouTube views, and have empowered over 5,000 students on Udemy, alongside delivering 17 significant projects.


At Trading 707, we go beyond conventional learning. Our courses offer a deep dive into the intricacies of trading algorithms, designed to enlighten and empower. More than a learning platform, Trading 707 is a transformative journey, reshaping your perception and engagement with the dynamic world of trading algorithms.


Join us at Trading 707 to redefine your understanding and enhance your skills in this vibrant, ever-evolving domain.

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Meet the team

Meet the Visionaries Behind Trading 707.

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